Denotation and Connotation in Poetry Writing

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Denotation and connotation for poets.

Most individuals undergo life utilizing language haphazardly. That’s how we get phrases like irregardless, which has the very same which means as regardless.

However writers, and particularly poets, don’t have the posh of throwing phrases round indiscriminately. Clear and compelling prose and verse demand that we pay due diligence to the phrases we select. We search for essentially the most exact and correct phrases out there to precise any given thought.

Phrases have two primary meanings: denotation and connotation. Let’s discover out the distinction between the 2 and have a look at how we, as writers, can use denotation and connotation to strengthen our prose and verse.


Denotation is the literal which means of a phrase, the dictionary definition.

The phrase mother means a feminine father or mother. The phrase mom additionally means a feminine father or mother. These two phrases share the identical definition (and due to this fact the identical denotation), however as we’ll quickly see, they will have very completely different connotations.


Language evolves over time via widespread utilization, and phrases purchase cultural and emotional overtones. Connotation is the implied which means of a phrase, which works past its dictionary definition.

Connotation is also considered the flavour of a phrase. Mother and mom each have the identical dictionary definition, however these phrases have completely different flavors as soon as we put them into context. Think about the next sentences:

Mother, can I audition for the college play?

Mom, might I audition for the college play?

The phrase Mother has an intimate and informal connotation whereas Mom carries a extra formal overtone. These phrases have the identical which means however the subtext is completely different. That is due, partially, to context. Mom might sound formal within the instance sentence above, however there could also be contexts wherein that’s not the case:

She’s a loving and devoted mom.

As we will see, a phrase would possibly specific completely different connotations in numerous contexts.

Utilizing Denotation and Connotation in Poetry Writing

In poetry writing, denotation and connotation are crucial issues. A key part of poetry is phrase alternative — the language we use to precise ideas, concepts, and pictures. Denotation and connotation permit us to decide on phrases that give our poetry higher depth and deeper which means.

Some phrases have a number of definitions. Most writers will default to the best phrase and most typical definition. In the event that they need to present a detective chasing a suspect via a forest, they could say the detective sprinted via the bushes. However a poet will search for a phrase that can be utilized extra totally: the detective darted via the bushes.

The phrase dash works as a result of it means “to run quick,” however the phrase dart deepens the which means as a result of it denotes working quick, a spear-like weapon, and a small projectile that’s shot at a goal. All of those definitions underscore what is occurring when a detective is chasing a suspect.

Though these literary gadgets aren’t unique to poetry (they’re present in all types of writing), poets are likely to make the perfect use of denotation and connotation as a result of the craft of poetry emphasizes language and phrase alternative. Poets spend an inordinate period of time laboring over phrase selections, looking for language that completely expresses no matter they need to say.

Writers exterior the realm of poetry can study so much from poetic gadgets like denotation and connotation, utilizing these instruments and methods to complement their very own work, whether or not they write fiction, inventive nonfiction, or anything.

Are you a poet? Do you ever pause to fastidiously take into account your phrase selections? Have you ever ever utilized the ideas of denotation or connotation to your writing? Share your ideas and experiences by leaving a remark, and hold writing!


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